Tips on Hiring an attorney to resolve business disputes

Entrepreneurs, today, face a wide variety of complex legal challenges and must consider having an attorney as a part of their team from the early stages of their business. Unfortunately, most businesses put off hiring an attorney until they run into some dispute or face litigation.Cardinal Litigation + Dispute Resolution offers strategic commercial litigation and dispute resolution services to domestic and international clients across a range of industry sectors.

Businesses are not immune to disputes and these can arise at any time over a wide variety of issues and involving different stakeholders such as consumers, suppliers, partners and employees. Since resolving a dispute can take a lot of time and effort it may be wise to hire the services of an attorney while you continue to focus on your business. While some business disputes can be easily resolved through discussion and informal negotiation between parties, others are more complex and need to be resolved through a formal process where the services of an attorney become indispensable.

To get the best legal advice and representation, it is important to hire the right lawyer. The most important skills and attributes to look for while hiring an attorney are:

• Experience of dealing with similar disputes: An attorney’s experience of handling similar cases / disputes is of paramount importance. While interviewing the attorney ask him / her about the number of cases of similar nature he / she may have handled in the recent past. Additionally, if you find him / her to be weak in a particular aspect connected with your dispute, ensure that he/ she is well connected with someone else who can come in at the right time to provide the required inputs.
• Communication skills: It is very important that the attorney communicates well and in a simple language. He / she must be willing to take the time to educate you and your staff about the legal dimensions of the dispute and its ramifications on the business. He / she should be able to tell you the provisions of the law and how it affects your position in the dispute.
• Accessibility: The attorney must be easily accessible. Preferably, he / she should be in the same geographical area and easily accessible either in person or over the phone / email.
• Cost: The fees and other charges quoted by the attorney must be acceptable to you.