When does a business need the services of a financial lawyer?

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The services of a financial lawyer can be of great value to all businesses through the various stages of their development and growth. Financial lawyers either have broad industry level knowledge or may have specialised in any one of the following practices, namely, banking, project finance, private equity finance, etc. Steinpag AFSL Financial Lawyers  is a Perth based law firm that offers  specialised and comprehensive advice on a range of corporate, energy and resources and commercial matters. Depending on your businesses’ needs you could choose a financial lawyer with the required specialisation. 

An entrepreneur setting up a new business venture can benefit immensely from hiring a financial lawyer as the latter can guide the process of setting up of the business. He / she can also advise on how best to structure the business – whether it should be a limited liability company, a limited partnership or any other type of business. The financial lawyer can also provide inputs related to appropriate documentation required while setting up a business.

Once a business is set up and operational, financial lawyers can assist with compliance matters and provide regulatory solutions to help keep the business running smoothly. Further, any business seeking to buy other companies, wanting to finance new ventures or planning to undertake restructuring would benefit greatly from hiring the services of a financial lawyer.

Businesses needing legal advice on corporate and finance related disputes would also need to hire a financial lawyer to work towards its resolution. Financial lawyers also may need to represent their clients in court and would be questioning experts, cross-examining witnesses, providing supporting evidence and making closing arguments.

Project financing is another niche area for a financial lawyer. Whenever funding is sought for a large infrastructure project (such as a power plant, an expressway, etc.) the financial lawyer provides legal advice to companies wanting to raise money for the project on one hand and to banks / financial institutions lending to them on the other hand. The main role of the financial lawyer is to get the lenders comfortable with the risks. They work towards integrating appropriate safeguards in project agreements and documents, as is legally and commercially possible, to ensure that the lenders are repaid in a timely manner. The financial lawyers also scrutinise the project documents, insurance documents and other documents related to setting up of the project bank accounts.